Tables occupied by artwork of all kind were strewn across the plaza of La Encantada in the Foothills: photography, jewelry, blown glass, sculptures, and pottery on display for browsers and shoppers.

It was the second and final day of the La Encantada Fine Art Festival‘s winter series, a way to celebrate local artists and their passion for beautiful creations.

The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA) has hosted the multi-seasonal event for over a decade.

We really try to provide a showcase and a platform for them to show their artwork, get some notoriety, and to bring some economic incentive back to local economy through their work, said Artistic Programs Manager Amanda Staples.

The applicants have to meet certain criteria to nab one of the spots at the event. In other words prove they make fine art that means technical merit, originality, composition and design.

A partnership between the SAACA and the Southern Arizona Arts Guild gave attendees the opportunity to view live art displays too.

Certain tabling artists get special recognition for their work, and this season’s “Best in Show” award was given to Hopi sculpture artist Kim Obrzut.

And this isn’t the first time she’s won.

Its still always an honor and a thrill. I mean, there are so many great artists here,” her daughter Krystal said. “And just to be a part of it is super fun.

Krystal has been representing her mother since she was 15 and has been learning the technique for the last few decades, helping design the color schemes of the sculptures a very scientific process, according to her.

Shes the first Hopi woman to cast in bronze,” Krystal explained. “She puts no detail on the face because they represent one people, not just one person. So we call them all Hopi Maidens.

Now they’re in a transitional phase. Krystal is perfecting the craft, getting ready to take over the family business and carry on her mother’s legacy.

Just seeing my mothers work and learning the stories and putting her pieces in with the reservation and seeing the two connect,” she said.

“To be able to teach people…the stories of the Hopi and to let them learn about our tradition and culture.

The SAACA hosts fine art festivals in fall, winter and spring. The next one is scheduled for the weekend of April 20th.