On Monday, customers at La Encantada could hear the sound of drills building a display for pumpkins.

But thats not the only new thing coming to the shopping center!

Theyre also bringing out new businesses like True Food Kitchen, a national chain owned by Andrew Weil, a Tucsonan and wellness doctor at the University of Arizona. The restaurant will open this fall.

Something like that would be also nice. A lot more healthier options. We really appreciate that, Daniel Bitzia, a customer said, while customer Carol Chamber said, Quality is there so yes, we definitely look forward to the new openings.

Dry Bar is also opening as well as Rowan, a business that does piercings. Other businesses like Lush and Lulu Lemon are expanding.

Across the street at Uptown Burger, their owner Daniel Scordato helped his workers by preparing some of the burgers.

He said hes excited for the new businesses that will soon be his neighbors.

Hes not worried about any competition from True Food Kitchen, which also serves burgers. He sees their opening as an opportunity to bring more people to the area.

It will bring people maybe to this area that wouldnt have come, so Im happy, Scordato said.

The University of Arizonas research group Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona says in 2022 the number of businesses with employees grew over eight percent. They say thats the first year since 2006 that that number grew since before the recession.

As for how his business will stack up against the new ones coming, Scordato is excited because he sees it as an opportunity to improve his craft.

I love itI say bring it on! he said.