Empire Ranch has been a staple in southern Arizona since it was built in 1876.

For the last 20-plus years, the Empire Ranch Foundation has put on the annual Cowboy Festival.

The festival brings thousands to the area to share in the history, raise money for the foundation and more.

But for the President of the Empire Ranch Foundation, the festival means more.

My great-grandparents purchased it from Walter Vail in the late 20s. My dad was born and raised here. I was here until I was four months old, said Faith Boice McCabe.

Boice McCabe has been president of the foundation for 8 years.

But her family was actually the second owner of the property.

And while she doesn’t remember living on the ranch, it still feels like home

But a lot of people when they come here, they feel at home. This place touches a lot of people in a lot of different genres, Boice McCabe said.

Other volunteers share in her passion.

It’s something special, said Marti Conroy.

Conroy has been volunteering since 2012. She gives tours to visitors year-round.

And she says that the ranch can always use more volunteers.

The Festival is on Nov. 4 and Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Empire Ranch, East Empire Ranch Road, Sonoita, Ariz.

More details on events can be found at Empire Ranch’s website.