The 2023 Anime Wonder Fest is holding its celebration at the Rillito Park Race Track, 4502 N. 1st Ave., Saturday, Dec. 9 and Sunday, Dec. 10. Originally launching in Dallas, Texas, as a pop-up promotional event, Tucson was then chosen as the “official Arizona tour stop.”

This two-day festival starts at noon on both days, going till 10 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Tickets are on sale for $35 and $125 each.

Anime Wonder Festival General Admission – $35 General entry to the Festival grounds Access to all GA Entertainment FREE Parking (First come)Anime Wonder Festival VIP – $120 Priority + Early entry to the Festival grounds Priority access to activations and activities FREE Parking (First come) Exclusive AW VIP Goodie bag with Swag and available sponsored giveaways Exclusive discounts for selected vendors

Im thrilled that our attendees will have an opportunity to meet and interact with renowned voice actors from popular anime video game franchises, films and TV Shows, explains Xavier Sanchez, Anime Wonders festival owner. Im so proud to bring in great talent like Paul Castro, Jr., Patrick Pedraza and Corey Yee, among many other guests throughout the weekend.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to showcase their cosplay creativity and craftsmanship. The Anime Wonder Fest is offering prizes, but contestants must follow these rules to enter the contest:

Appropriate to wear in front of family, kids and friends. In other words, if it is not legal to wear openly in the public eye, it is not acceptable nor permitted in Anime Wonder. Complete nudity or partial nudity as part of your cosplay or costume is not permitted. Our audience and fans consists of 17 and under. No exceptions. Any cosplay portraying or implying hate speech against homophobia, religion, politics or racism, even its featured in any of your favorite animes/films/comics, is NOT permitted under any circumstances. For example; cosplaying Call Of Duty and or Halo is acceptable (with the exception that props are acceptable as per above) cosplaying a hate group such as a Nazi is not. Anime Wonder is STRICT on harassment. Any kind of Harassment is NOT acceptable, nor is any cosplay that is intended to harass or provoke others in any form. Hentai and/or Ahegao clothing, cosplay, or references are strictly prohibited from Anime Wonder Festival. Our Festival platform serves youth 17yrs and under. Permitted cosplay props: PVC, Wooden and Plastic based props (Swords or guns with orange tips). Forbidden props: Any and all items considered weapons, any sharp objects that are metal such as daggers, knives and swords, BB guns and/or any firearms. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Whether you’re a foodie who loves Tucson because of festivals like this, are an anime enthusiast, or simply enjoy people watching, you may want to save a spot on your calendar for the Anime Wonder Fest!