Lightning struck a house in Marana on Monday, starting a fire in the homes attic.

The homeowners said the noise and feeling was unlike anything they had ever experienced.

A loud boom, a crack and a boom. I just saw nothing but blue and white light. I thought I was dead, said homeowner George Valdenegro.

Initially, Valdenegro did not realize his house was the one lightning had struck.

We were just going to go to bed and two young ladies who were driving by, saw the fire and were ringing our doorbell and said that the house was on fire, said Valdenegro.

Valdenegro and his wife made it out of the house safely with one of their cats. However, their other cat was left trapped inside, until the fire department rescued it.

The firemen and policemen were totally awesome. There were four or five firetrucks here. They came in and found the cat after about ten minutes. They were just superb.

The fire crew was also able to save some of their priceless items from the fire.

There are a variety of things that these people cherish, that theyve kept their entire lives. If we can prevent that by covering it up, getting it out of the building, were always going to try to do that because we understand the importance of that, said Northwest Fire District Captain Brett Keeley.

The couple was in the middle of a home renovation, but say rebuilding the house is possible. They are just thankful to be okay.

Valdenegro could not express enough just how thankful he was for what the fire department did.

We love this community, they treat us great, were always willing to do everything we can to help them, said Keeley.