In the midst of the summer heat, the Arizona Wildcats practice drill after drill. With his signature neck pad, linebacker Justin Flowe takes the field, pushing his teammates to be their best. It’s one of the reasons they call him a supervillain

“It’s like another alter ego, so I just use it and it pushes me every day,” Flowe said. “Villains have to go through all that adversity, it makes you who you are.

After becoming one of the best high school linebackers in the country in 2019, he signed with Oregon. But that came with that adversity as he only played two games in two seasons due to an injury.

“You can control the injury, so I just had to sit back and watch,” he said. “And that really made me who I am today.”

Last fall, he played 10 games with the Ducks before transferring to the University of Arizona.

“If you have a strong mindset, it’s not that big of a change,” he said.

The Wildcats rarely land a recruit this highly ranked or with this much energy. He’s expected to start at linebacker next to Jacob Manu.

“We gotta put him in certain plays because he’s a play maker,” Johnny Nansen, the defensive coordinator, said. “Plus his energy and juice I just love him.”

Flowe said he’s focused on his fresh start, taking himself and this program to new heights.

“I’m blessed to be in Arizona,” he said. “I see it as an opportunity every day.”