Poor fella! It was a “ruff” week for Dusty, a 6-year-old 120-pound Great Pyrenees, who had to be rescued after falling into a water-filled hole.

On Tuesday, deputies with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office were able to take time out of their busy day to bring Dusty to safety.

The department received a call from a rancher off Charleston Road, outside Tombstone, who reported the livestock guardian got himself stuck in the hole and needed help getting the dog out.

The rancher said he lost track of Dusty at about 3 p.m. Sunday when he believes Dusty was defending a goat herd and chickens from a predator when he fell in the hole.

“So happy we have these guys on our side and best wishes Dusty! Keep on the straight and narrow and watch out for those pesky holes!” CCSO said in a statement.