With the end of Title 42 just days away, KGUN9 checked in with local religious groups known for connecting migrants with resources.

Dr. Delle McCormick is a reverend at Grace St. Pauls Church and has been advocating for those seeking asylum for more than two decades.

She hears nightmare after nightmare from those seeking asylum.

One guest told me he passed 35 dead bodies on his way through, said Dr. McCormick.

There’s kidnapping and extortion, Dr. McCormick shared.

These are the types of stories she hears from asylum seekers she works with at Casa Alitas.

She’s told that if she doesn’t turn over her oldest son to the cartel or a daughter, that she will be killed, a family will be killed, their house will be burned. So, she says no, the first time and her animals are killed. She says no, the second time and her house is burned down. And then she flees for her life and for a children’s life. That is a legitimate claim for asylum, said Dr. McCormick sharing a story she says happens too often.

Although theres been an influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, refugees are coming from all over the world.

We’re not talking just Mexicans and Central Americans– We’re talking Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Colombians, people from IndiaThe world is on fire, and we are still a beacon of hope for so many people, said Dr. McCormick.

Dr. McCormick along with several other church members make food packs every two weeks for migrants at a shelter in Tucson.

The people we work with now are asylum seekers. They’re here legally, but they don’t get papers to work for several years, said Dr. McCormick.

As Title 42 comes to an end and another influx of migrants is expected, Dr. McCormick said they dont have a church-specific policy in place, but they will continue to support asylum seekers with resources and help.

I don’t believe that we can just throw our borders open. We don’t advocate for that. But, we have to have just practices that see the dignity and honor in each person who’s crossing and weed out the people who are problematic and send them back, she said.