For over a decade, the local non-profit Leaps for Lives continues to raise awareness and support for causes in southern Arizona. The dance group puts on two performances each year a spring and fall showcase.

“You can have an impact no matter what you’re doing,” Amy Faulk, the co-director for the group, said.

Each fall showcase supports an animal welfare organizations and the spring showcase supports organizations that help families with pediatric cancer. For Jennifer Bankert, there’s nothing else she’d rather do each week.

“My kids know ‘Oh it’s Thursday night so Mommy is going to dance practice’,” she said.

She has danced in the group since 2010 and said it’s made a big difference in her life.

“A lot of us have become close friends,” she said.

And their dance performances are making a difference in other people’s lives, something Bankert hopes they continue doing for years to come.

“The organizations have just been in awe with what we’ve been able to do for them,” she said. “And they weren’t expecting the amount we gave them.”

The next performance will be in October.