From bags for domestic violence survivors to cloths for premature babies, there’s a local non-profit, Mending Souls, that creates each of these for different organizations in the community.

The items that Mending Souls creates helps those like Leslie Hogeboom. She fought cancer three times in her life.

“I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said.

When she lost her hair, she felt like she lost some of her femininity.

“I didn’t want to lose my hair and my breasts so to speak,” she said. “So the caps was helpful and at first, I didn’t have a wig. Wigs are extremely expensive and hot.”

She wears the caps and headbands that Mending Souls creates.

“I’ve told everyone that I know about it,” she said.

The group is comprised of hundreds of volunteers and runs on donations of fabric and yarn.

“It’s over 50 items and everything goes to rehabilitation, dignity and safety,” Michelle Don Carlos, the president and founder of the group, said. “The recipients are those who are chronically ill or struggling financially.”

The organization is always looking for more volunteers and donations all year around. Arizona Gives Day is April 4, where the public can donate to organizations like Mending Souls.



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