In 2023, the non-profit Downtown Tucson Partnership reported 33 businesses were opened, which is more than the previous years. At the same time, the non-profit reports nine businesses closed down in 2023.

But as 2024 continues, many more local shops are set to expand and open in downtown like Roadrunner Coffee Co. The assistant manager of Alvernon and Pima location Via Jones said it’s exciting for the coffee shop to grow and reach more people.

“i think it’s really exciting to see that we are a part of a growing force,” she said. “Because when i started there were only the two locations and then I got really excited about this one. I know costs are rising but I think people really enjoy a good cup of coffee and I think that people really like to support local.”

Roadrunner Coffee Co. is set to open a new walk up coffee shop on Congress and Chuch in the spring of this year.