At the Flowing Wells Junior High School swimming pool, the swimmers on the team are hard at work. With each flutter kick or dive, the swimmers are getting stronger and more confident to race against other swimmers during their upcoming meet.

Each day, there are two sessions of swim team in the morning and at night. And for Alexandria Campbell, who swims in the morning, there’s nothing she’d rather do.

“You really have to push yourself,” she said. “One of the things pushing me is to have really good coaches around me.”

Campbell has three coaches, each giving her tips and drills to help her swim career. She hopes to become an olympian one day and a swim coach.

“When I’m older, I want to help with coaching so I can help be more of an inspiration for the kids,” she said.

One of her coaches Kayla Lynch said coaching swim team is one of her favorite things to do in the summer.

“I love doing swim team,” she said. “They are such good kids and they are so excited to be there.”

And for each of the swimmers and coaches it’s more than just exercise it’s about making friendships.

“I think it’s the friendships,” Isaiah Monroe, one of the swimmers said. “You really do form a lot of friendships here.”

So even when the team leaves practice, they inspire each other to just keep swimming.