Nine months alone in the desert. Now, a dog named Ghost has finally been rescued and given a home.

Ghost was spotted roaming around the Eastside in May of last year and it was only a few weeks ago he was rescued.

Desirae Trubee, co-founder of the Lost and Stray Response Squad, played a pivotal role in Ghost’s rescue, but she says she couldnt have done it without the help of the entire community.

Eastside neighbors left out food and water for Ghost. But without shelter, neighbors would sometimes spot Ghost being cornered by coyotes. So they made an effort to rescue him.

On January 30, a neighbor called Trubee saying she was able to get Ghost safely in her car.

It was so beautiful to see his smiling face sitting in her car. He just surrendered. He knew he was safe, and I think he was very happy about it, said Trubee.

Besides some dental issues, Ghost was very healthy.

He’s currently being fostered by Trubee and another neighbor who had helped care for Ghost over the nine months.

That neighbor also created a Ghost-proof shelter…because the dog liked to jump over fences.

Now with a home with doors and a roof, Ghost won’t be getting away anytime soon. And the happy dog seems to like it better that way.

If youre interested in volunteering for the Lost and Stray Response Squad, you can contact them through their Facebook.