Cars were bumper to bumper during the day in Nogales, Arizona, waiting to get through to Mexico through the DeConcini Port of Entry.

However, the line wasnt long and it was typical for a Monday, much of the cars dying down to just a few at night. Those cars got through the port within minutes.

Mostly what you see every weekend or most of the days, Jaime Gomez, who lives in Nogales, Mexico said about the cars.

People who live on the Mexico side, but come to the Arizona side of Nogales for errands and business said the traffic was worse last month.

The line to cross went for like four streets straight. There was a whole four lines of people. Right now its really quick. Surprisingly fast, more than usual, Nogales, Mexico resident Aurick Villalpando said.

He said usually traffic is bad during the holidays, but said Mondays traffic was calmer.

Carol Pfister was visiting Nogales, Mexico from Green Valley and was doing errands.

Coming back, we only had a half hour in line, so that was ecstatic, she said about her experience.

However, its not the traffic thats worrying Nogales, Arizona Mayor Jorge Maldonado. Hes worried about the travelers that are going to travel to and from Rocky Point in Sonora, Mexico.

Theres some stretches of highway from Rocky Pointe to Nogales that are kind of dangerous, Maldonado said.

People also have the option of getting to Rocky Pointe through the San Luis Port near Yuma, but that would take people out of the way if they were coming from the Tucson metro area.

Maldonado said since Rocky Pointe depends on the people visiting there from the U.S., hes hoping that the Lukeville port closing doesnt affect Rocky Points tourism, especially during the holidays.

The dangerous activity on the highways to Rocky Point is why he said he called the governor of Sonora and asked him to put more law enforcement around that highway.

So people will feel safe traveling all the way to Nogales, Maldonado said.