Dayson Judd had his dream of becoming a vet come true today after Make-A-Wish Arizona granted his wish.

The organization worked with the University of Arizona College of Veterinary Science and PAWS Veterinary Center to make his wish come true.

Judd was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at eight months old. Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic disease that affects peoples digestive system, lungs and other organs.

He had to spend a lot of his childhood in and out of the hospital because of the disease. He said, From age seven to twelve, I was hospitalized fifteen times it was like a second home.

However, that came to an end five years ago when he started a trial with the medication Trikafta to treat his Cystic Fibrosis.

A couple of weeks later my lung function was like 109%, Judd shared. Honestly it was just unbelievable and I havent been back to the hospital since.

For a long time he didnt know what he wanted his wish from Make-A-Wish Arizona to be. He said he even wanted to pass along his opportunity to another kid to make a wish, however, his doctors shared that other children would still receive their wishes which encouraged him to make a wish of his own.

He had a pet dog growing up and has a love for animals which lead to his interest in becoming a veterinarian. Make-A-Wish Arizona was able to make that wish a reality for the 17-year-old.

His wish day started at the UA College of Veterinary Medicine. He met with deans and administration, sat in on a class and met students. He was also presented with an honorary diploma. Then he got the chance to shadow a vet at PAWS Veterinary Center.

Judd graduates high school in a couple months and then plans to attend UA. He hopes to attend veterinary school after that.