1764 Vineyards strives to be different, while producing wine they and their visitors enjoy.

The Dixons have dedicated seven acres of their property as vineyards, with different types of grapes that produce different types of wines. This area isnt typically known for its wine, but 1764 is putting the area on the map with their Best Blend Award up in Phoenix earlier this year.

We dont start out to make a wine to be an award winner,” Bob Dixon said. “We start out to make a wine people are going to enjoy and we think weve done that. But to have a lot of people think thats a good wine means a lot.

Their wine 8 Years Later, a red wine, is a mix of Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot, won a gold medal and was a finalist this year for the Governor’s Cup and best of Class Other Red Blends in Phoenix earlier this year.

Weve had other wines that won gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, but to have a double gold and best in classthat was amazing, Bob said.

Bob and Jules moved to Cottonwood so Jules could attend Yavapai Community College to attend their Viticulture and Enology program, so she could be the wine maker. Bob and Jules started their vineyard in 2012, planting roots in a new place while sprouting a new passion.

Once we found this place we knew we were home, Bob said.

They planted their first grapes in 2018 ,but have created nine wines with the help of other Arizona wineries, since it takes three to five years to get the first crop.

“Were not going to go to California, or New Mexico or Colorado to get grapes,” Jules said. “If we cant find it here, we would look in the other AVAs [American Viticultural Area] in Arizona and if we cant find it there then well plant it and grow it ourselves.

Since starting their business the couple recruited their children and grandkids to keep up with the growing business, including foot stomping the grapes. Their kids relocated to Cochise County to help with anything and everything on the vineyard.

Morgan Fast, who’s 3 years old, enjoys spending time on his grandparents’ property and helping with the fun chores.

“I stomp the grapes,” Fast said. It feels squishy!…Yeah it feels cold and squishy.

Jules says they are one of the few wineries that still conduct the foot stomping process.

Weve pretty much got the formula down where we like it but it depends what the wines taste like every year, because every year is going to be a little different, she said.

Working with other local wineries in the area has helped the Dixons meet success so far, and now theyre getting ready to release their first wine with the grapes produced right here on their property later this summer. Bob wouldn’t share any specific information about the new wine, but is excited for everyone to try it.