After decades of spooky tales haunting it, Lake Lanier is claiming the life of a man after he was electrified.

The Forsyth County Sheriffs Office confirms 24-year-old Thomas Milner, jumped into the lakelate Thursday evening from his familys dock near Dove Trail and was electrocuted when he entered the water.

Investigators say a family friend remembers Milner screaming for help. This same friend told the investigations team they tried to get him out with a ladder, but couldn’t.

That’s when deputies report one of Milner’s neighbors took a boat out to reach him. The neighbor said he felt a burning sensation upon getting in the water, but didn’t realize it was an electrical shock at first.

The sheriff’s office confirms Milner’s neighbor then swam back to shore, turned off a power box near the dock and then went back to get Milner.

According to bystanders, Milner’s uncle tried giving him CPR until emergency crews got there. Those same EMTs then rushed the 24-year-old to a hospital where he died Friday from his injuries.

CNN noted it is unclear why the water was electrified, and the investigation remains ongoing.