The Town of Marana Restaurant Task Force put out a survey revealing residents would like to see more local restaurants in the area.

It had 1,328 people participate. In the top ten, most wanted restaurants: local restaurants was first, then Olive Garden was second.

Top ten results:

Local restaurant Olive Garden Red Robin BJs Restaurant & Brewhouse Yard House Cheddars Scratch Kitchen The Cheesecake Factory Salad and Go Buffalo Wild Wings Seis Kitchen

Amongst those surveyed, 59% also said they go out two to three times a week.

“I think it really has given us the opportunity to reach people who are passionate and really really care about the community and really want to see more things that match their life style,” Marana Tourism and Marketing Manager Stephanie Boe said. “So, it’s a great starting point but we have a lot of work to do.”

For more information on the survey results, please visit the Town of Marana’s website.