The Marana Food Bank and Community Resource Center is hoping to purchase a box truck to assist in serving the community.

At the end of last year the Marana Food Bank and Community Resource Center went under new management and is now operating in partnership with the Sahuarita Food Bank and Community Resource Center.

Senior Program Coordinator Luissel Palma said roughly 3,000 pounds of items are donated by the community each month to the food bank. Palma said, The community has been incredible in sharing that were here, that were brand new and that were in need of food donations and volunteers.

While donations have been coming in, she said they can always use more and it doesnt have to be just food items. Feminine hygiene products and toiletries are always needed.

However, one of their biggest needs right now is the box truck. Carlos Valles is Executive Director of both the Marana and Sahuarita locations. He said, From the Sahuarita location, we occasionally loan our vehicle to the Marana location, but the distance, the mileage, the wearit just doesnt make it practical.

He said the box truck helps in picking up and transporting large donations. They are hoping to raise $25,000 to go toward purchasing the truck. Donations can be made here.