From warehouses to grocery stores to gas stations, new businesses are popping up all over Marana.

Kroger broke ground on a new Fry’s grocery store last week by the community of Gladden Farms, all while construction on a massive American Furniture Warehouse off Interstate 10 is well on its way to completion.

“Well, it’s huge for Marana,” Jason Angell, Marana Development Services Director said. “Residents…are looking for these types of businesses to come in. It’s also bringing jobs to the community…helps to support the tax base of the community, to support us as we continue to grow.”

Angell says Marana saw an increase in business development when housing projects started to slow during the pandemic.

“A number of the projects are using local contractors,” Angell said.

Angell said major businesses, like American Furniture Warehouse, bring in their own contractors, but “they still use local contractors for some of the sub work to be done.”

While many projects are already in the works, Angell said more are on the way.

“There’s just a number of other projects that are kicking off…Circle K’s, some car washes, storage facilities,” Angell said.