It’s the season of giving, but not everyone is always so nice. Shoppers tell KGUN 9’s Denelle Veselik some of the ways they are keeping their items away from the Grinch this year.

“Make sure nothing is showing,” Lucy Howlin said. “I have a jacket in the back that looks thrown, but it’s actually covering anything dark. And I’ve got one of those shades that come over so you can’t see anyway.”

Another shopper we talked to wasn’t so lucky.

“My son had used my car and didn’t lock it,” Gloria Majalca said. “So, I always make sure my car’s locked, but they got in there and stole my garage door opener. So, that day I had to go buy a new garage door opener.”

While the Town of Marana isn’t seeing an increase in car break-ins, they are increasing patrols for the holidays.

“Typically what we see with vehicle entries or vehicle burglaries is it’s a crime of opportunity. So often the suspect will just be checking door handles,” James Horton, Marana Police said. “They’re going to look for the path of least resistance, right? So cars that are left unlocked are going to be most common chance of getting broken into.”

Besides locking up your car and hiding your belongings, he says to pay attention to your surroundings.

“Not saying being paranoid, but just keeping an eye out. Get your face out of your phone and just just take a look around and pay attention,” Horton said. “If you see something that doesn’t look right, if you see a person checking door handles that might look out of place, give us a call. You can be anonymous and we can check it out.”