A new K-8 school is slated to be built in Marana at Tangerine Farms Road and Clark Farms Boulevard. It’s expected to open in the fall of 2025, with the capacity to teach 800 students.

The new addition comes as other elementary schools in the area are over capacity.

“Gladden Farms is a great elementary school, not too old, and already over capacity. And we’re seeing the same thing at Estes Elementary School,” Dan Streeter, Marana Unified School District superintendent said. “And so we’re looking forward to a new K-8 in the north Marana area to give our parents in this area another option for schools.”

The new school is a welcome addition to staff and administration members at Gladden Farms.

“We’re full, we’re at capacity. Like, we have no more room, and it’s exciting that this is a school where people want to send their children,” Elaine Quijada, Gladden Farms Elementary School teacher, said. “So, yeah…we are maxed out…we’re excited for that new school to be built.”

Naya Persaud, principal at Gladden Farms, said the school has been doing its best to accommodate the students and teachers.

“So structurally, we’re building a new modular, so there’s gonna be some kids that have some movement, right before fall break, going into a new building being built to help cope with the growth on this campus,” Persaud said. “We also have specialists and lots of people who are doubled up in offices, or we’ve had to be creative with converting spaces to make offices for everyone to fit.”

While they are working to get everyone to fit, the district is working to build another school.

Streeter said they are looking at options for high school students as well.

“Marana High School and Mountain View High School are really close to capacity. And we’ve been working really closely with the state of Arizona on what funding would look like from the state level for a third high school,” Streeter said. “And at this point, we don’t qualify for funding for a third high school, but we are going to be opening a neat opportunity for our kids also looking at Fall 2025, in the continental Ranch area. There’s a medical complex off Silverbell Road 35,000 square foot building that we will be converting into a personalized learning academy for high school students.”