If you’re a fan of wine tasting, then a visit to Old Pueblo Cellars in Marana is a must. This winery vineyard, which opened its doors three years ago, offers a selection of six distinct wine varieties.

“Everybody loves it,” said Marana resident Rebecca Lee, while highlighting the convenience of this locally owned winery’s proximity to her. “I love that it’s so close. I can swing by for a glass of wine after work and head home to prepare dinner,” she said.

During Lee’s recent visit, she was accompanied by family members from Ohio who also said they too were having a good time.

Roger Pelton, the vineyard’s owner, has more than 30 years of winemaking expertise. A distinctive feature of the wines produced at Old Pueblo Cellars is their organic nature.

“We don’t use any chemicals in the winemaking process or grape cultivation,” stated Pelton. “Everything is entirely natural, and we even abstain from using sulfites in the wine as a preservative.”

The absence of sulfites in the wine is something Lee appreciates, as she emphasized her love for “organic sulfite-free wines.”

For those embarking on their wine-tasting journey, Pelton offers guidance.

“We recommend specific wine varieties,” he suggests, particularly for those new to the experience. “Start with the fruity, friendly, and fun options, not the more sophisticated ones.”