Food insecurity remains a pressing issue nationwide, but in Southern Arizona, one nonprofit is taking proactive steps to fight it.

Market on the Move, a program under the 3000 Club, is dedicated to reducing food waste while providing affordable fresh produce to those facing food insecurity.

The program rescues perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown in a landfill. They offer individuals the opportunity to donate $10 and receive up to 60 pounds of fresh produce.

According to Pam Boyer, Executive Director of the 3000 Club, the organization has witnessed a surge in families seeking assistance, particularly as grocery costs continue to rise.

With the changes in the economy were finding that we were serving more families that need fresh produce in their diets and this makes it more affordable. Its a way to keep the good food out of the landfill, which extends the life of the landfill, which helps the taxpayers, said Boyer.

With over 1,200 households served weekly and less than 2% of food going to waste, Market on the Move is making a significant impact. Plus, any surplus food not distributed is redirected to farmers to feed their animals, ensuring minimal waste.

We share with everybody so its important that people introduce as much fresh food in their diet as possible and it extends their budget, said Boyer.

Distribution events take place every Saturday across 3-4 locations in the valley, with varying hours and locations. For those interested in participating or learning more, additional information can be found their website.