Every year, National Free Comic Book Day lands on the first Saturday of May and thats tomorrow, May 4. One of Tucsons treasured comic book stores, Heroes and Villains, is going all out and giving away thousands of comics.

With over 10,000 comics ready to be picked up, Heroes and Villains is bringing lots of new content to the table.

Over a dozen different titles, all new stuff from the publishers. From big superhero stuff like DCs Absolute Power Event, Marvels Blood Hunt event and then a new big one is Energon Universe, which is the Transformers and G. I. Joe comics thats coming out.

Its all fun and games at Heroes and Villains, but on a special day like free comic book day, there are some ground rules to follow. They’ll have a designated area for the thousands of comics theyre giving away.

Were gonna lead you straight to it right when you come in though,” Morrow said. “Right where the comics are, and you can get one of each per person. So, its not a limit of just one comic or just two comics, you can get one of everything that looks good to you.

Since Free Comic Book Day lands on May the 4than unofficial holiday to many fans of the Star Wars franchiseHeroes and Villains encourages you to show up with your best Star Wars gear.

May the 4th be with you, obviously, but there will be definitely some Star Wars specific stuff happening,” Morrow said. “Show up in your Star Wars gear and there might be something special in store for you.

Morrow says free comic book day is like a Black Friday event for them, with a couple of comic book fans telling me off-camera that theyll be showing up bright and early for their favorites. Remember to arrive early on Saturday to make sure you get your hands on a free comic book, or several!

Heroes and Villains is located at 4533 E. Broadway Blvd. The store’s Saturday hours at 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.