The future of Oro Valley was front and center for the annual State of the Town Address at the El Conquistador Tucson.

Mayor Joe Winnfield delivered the 22nd annual Address Wednesday afternoon, talking about what the town has seen over the past year and what people can expect in the near future.

“What is Oro Valley’s vision for the future,” he remarked to the crowd of more than 700.

“Oro Valley’s vision for the future is its residents,” the mayor continued, highlighting key areas of focus when it comes to growth.

“Public safety, that’s something that’s important to our community,” he said. “Public works, so good roads. Dependable water supply will continue to be important.”

Another key to a well-run town is often its economy. Winnfield said if they continue to keep an eye on the pulse of the community, everything else will fall into place.

“[Businesses will] want to be here, and the businesses that are here thrive,” he remarked.

He said nearly 100 new businesses have come to the area in the last year. One of those businesses is Hoppy Vine, a laid-back, no-frills wine bar.

“We say we want to be known as the place where Oro Valley drinks,” said co-owner Hector Martinez, who opened it with his wife last November.

Both of them are residents of the area, and he said they saw a need for a casual hangout spot for residents.

“We’ve made new friends here. We know about their lives, they know about ours,” Martinez said. “So that sense of community you find here in Oro Valley is pretty apparent here.”

Outside of a need he saw for his business, he hopes city leaders continue to be forward-thinking in their approach.

“And to be in support of projects that are going to bring revenue to the town. Not only to us at the Hoppy Vine, to our neighbors to the stores around here.”

Oro Valley is currently preparing for its 2026 General Plan.