The last time the Sierra Vista Fire Department had a mascot was in 1974 and her name was Princess. Nearly 50 years later, the department has a new mascot and her name is Molly.

Molly is a 7-month-old Dalmatian puppy. She was adopted by one of the department captains, Brett Scheib, and his family just over a week ago. Now, Molly is adjusting to her new home both in and out of the firehouse. Scheib said, Molly doesn’t stay at any of the firehouses due to safety concerns.

Shes part of the family,” he said. “Our firetrucks are coming in and out of the stations constantly and we definitely want to make sure shes comfortable, that shes safebeing a puppy [that] she doesnt get into things shes not supposed to.

Molly won’t go on most calls, but Scheib says there may be situations in which she could be used as an emotional support animal for victims and staff within the department.

How could you not just want to pet her and be comforted by a sweet little dog, he said.

Molly’s main job will be to go to events with the department and Scheib, to help build connections between the department and the community.

Shes a partner of the department and shes just going to hopefully be able to spread joy and comfort to the rest of the community for us, he said.

Scheib said he wanted to name the puppy after someone important to the department. After some research he and his family found the perfect name.

Molly is actually one of the first female firefighters thats known, or at least on record that we were able to find, back in 1818,” he said. “Figured, well, she is one of our firefighters now so why not pay tribute and legacy to Ms. Molly Williams?

Dalmatians have a long history of working in firehouses and with fire departments. Scheib said it’s nice to help bring some of that history back to the department.

The older fire trucks or fire engines they actually used to be horse-drawn,” he said. “And while the firefighters were gone working inside the house or structure, the Dalmatians would protect the equipment.

As Molly becomes more comfortable with her new home, she will be out and about in the community, ready to meet new people.