Benson is the gateway to Cochise County and on your way in you’ll notice a number of murals. In fact, this historic area considers itself the “City of Murals.”

We tracked down one muralist who has painted most of the town.

Photographer Jordan Cullop spoke with Doug Quarles about inspirations and the one he loves the most.

I don’t go in for a lot of, you know, swirls and colors and everything. I just like paint, do art on the walls, you know, paint pictures. The one I had the most fun on was the patriotic mural on the fitness center over here. You know, of course it was patriotic had the big eagle, had the flag, ‘God Bless America’ on there and then the full color guard with all the the different divisions. And then I had all a lot of local people pose for it. The hardest one, because it wasn’t my style, was over here at the credit union. I call it the ‘Santa Fe’ style because it’s got all these bright colors red, yellow orange in the sunset, purple mountain, you know with yellow grass, but I’ve had so many people say that’s my favorite mural because I guess oh those colors.