Delmetrice Tavion Marquin Taylor, 23, of Mesa, is facing a 33-month prison sentence and three years of supervised release after a court hearing United States District Judge John C. Hinderaker oversaw on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Taylor had previously pleaded guilty to charges of transportation of illegal aliens for profit while placing in Jeopardy the life of any person on Monday, July 12.

In addition, Taylor violated pretrial release conditions in an unrelated Colorado case.

On Tuesday, June 6, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Taylor while he tried to transport three undocumented people.

They say he led agents on a dangerous high-speed chase, hitting an agent’s vehicle and eluding capture, despite tire damage.

Upon arrest, Taylor was found in possession of a loaded short-barrel rifle with a 100-round magazine drum.

Also, he was already on federal pretrial release for these offenses committed in the District of Colorado:

Aiding and abetting Making a false statement in connection with the acquisition of a firearm from a licensed dealer

This sentencing emphasizes the gravity of such offenses and the commitment of the justice system to address them.

Taylor has begun serving his prison term.