Several days after identifying a “cybersecurity issue,” MGM Resorts is still not fully back online. 

The company revealed on Sept. 11 that the issue was affecting “some of the company’s systems,” adding that it shut down other networks to protect them.

The outages have frustrated workers and guests. 

“It was kind of chaotic,” Walter Haywood told Scripps News Las Vegas. “The machines wouldn’t take our ticket. Lines everywhere. Just chaos.” 

MGM Resorts has stated that its gaming, dining and entertainment offerings are operational as work is being done to get all of the systems back online. However, people cannot book rooms or cancel their reservations online. 

“For hotel reservations arriving September 13-17, 2023, we understand your travel plans may have changed, so we are waiving change and cancellation fees,” a message on the MGM Resorts website states. 

The company notes that front desk staff at its properties is prepared to assist guests. However, Scripps News Las Vegas reported that lines have been long this week.

All ALPHV ransomware group did to compromise MGM Resorts was hop on LinkedIn, find an employee, then call the Help Desk. A company valued at $33,900,000,000 was defeated by a 10-minute conversation.

vx-underground (@vxunderground) September 13, 2023

On Wednesday, VX-Underground, a group focused on research and preservation with the largest collection of malware code, posted to X that the ransomware group ALPHV, also known as Black Cat, is behind the MGM cyberattack.

MGM Resorts officials haven’t confirmed how the breach happened, but it stated that law enforcement has been notified. The company operates more than a dozen properties on or near the Las Vegas Strip, including the MGM Grand, Luxor and Bellagio. 

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