The Royal Palms Apartments complex in Midtown, near Speedway and Magnolia, has been burdened by crime in recent years.

But in the past year there have been changes, and more could be on the way.

Neighbors in the adjacent Duffy neighborhood, as well as neighboring businesses, have previously shared concerns about the complex with KGUN 9.

They reported everything from open drug deals and usage, trash and gunfire.

A current tenant, who wishes to stay anonymous because they fear retaliation, says the property hit a low point about a year ago. They called it a shooting gallery, for both guns and drugs.

Since then, they say, crime has quieted down and management has been responsive and making an effort to clean up the property.

Even so, this tenant says open drug use is still a problem and they plan on moving out this year.

We wanted 24/7 security, we wanted 24/7 on-site management. Instead of just letting the city [TPD and code enforcement] be the security company by default, Ward 6 city council member Steve Kozachik told KGUN.

Kozachik says improvements at Royal Palms came only after the city attorney threatened legal action to declare the property, and the Royal El Con complex under the same ownership, as nuisance properties. Arizona law states that could lead to a restraining order to abate and prevent continuing or recurring criminal activity or a lien on the property.

Desert Ventures Development and Management LLC lists both Royal Palms and Royal El Con, plus two more properties, for sale online. The listing was last updated this week. Gregory Stanton owns the properties.

Enough is enough, man, said Kozachik. Its his obligation to manage those properties. Not the taxpayers of this community. And if hes not gonna do it, then well help him find somebody who will.

KGUN reached out to Desert Ventures, but did not receive a response.