Rising temperatures are raising concerns about border safety in the desert.

Humanitarians have stepped up to try and protect migrants by building a makeshift shelter closer to an illegal crossing hot spot, east of Sasabe, Arizona.

Thursday morning, about 70 migrants gathered inside and around the structure, about half of them migrant families with young kids.

Parents like Maria Colima said the main reason for coming to America was for her childs future.

“Well, I hope we get the asylum, mostly that we get it for our kids,” Colima said. “That there is good opportunity here. Since the children will be safer.

Some migrants decide to stop waiting and start walking in the heat.

Most still stayed behind to wait, like Lisa Mendes who traveled alone from Veracruz, Mexico.

She tells KGUN that she came to the U.S. for her security.

“There was mafia on the roads, a lot of extortion,” Mendes said. “I mostly came here for my safety.

The Tucson Sector leads all nine border sectors in apprehensions this fiscal year, with over 300,000.