If theres anything to take away from Arizona Gov. Hobbs press conference Tuesday at the Casa Alitas migrant shelter, its that the state isnt ready for the influx of migrants ahead of Title 42s expiration Thursday.

“It doesnt appear that the federal government is prepared,” Hobbs said as she addressed the media, government officials and migrant shelter workers.

The governor announced a five-point plan focusing on public safety, partnerships, transportation, shelter and executive action as she reassured the states border towns.

“We stand with you. We are here to support you,” Hobbs said. “The state stands prepared to scale up its transportation, shelter and public safety activities to meet the needs on the ground.”

The executive director of Casa Alitas, Teresa Cavendish says theyre bracing for migrant numbers in the thousands later this week. A drastic increase to the hundreds they typically process on any given day.

“We receive around 650 or more folks every day to this location coming in from places all across the border,” Cavendish said.

She says migrants arrive from many countries throughout Central and South America, with some coming as far as India.

One of the biggest resources for shelters to function properly is funding. Cavendish says theyve primarily relied on federal money over the past year.

“There is an increased ask back to FEMA to provide more funding support because, as our needs grow, as the resources that we seek to provide grow, obviously more funding is necessary,” she said.

The need for more money may not be more urgent than its ever been.

However, the governor said some funding has been secured, including $7 million from the border security fund as local and state resources look to get pushed to its limits later this week.