Many businesses in the Lukeville area rely on tourists heading to Rocky Point to make a profit.

With the port closure, there are less people spending their money in the neighborhood.

Due to the mass numbers of illegal border crossings, the Lukeville port is closed until further notice.

The migrants who cross say they want to work in the United States.

We promise to all Americans, we are not delinquents or criminals,” one migrant said. “There is no opportunity in our countries and we want to come here to work.

But while they say they want to work, one business in Why, Ariz., 30 minutes from the port of entry, is taking a hit.

Tourism is a big part of the area here,” Bernadette Nez, manager of the ‘Why Not Travel Store‘ explained.

They were doing around $10,000 a day in gas sales before the closure and she now expects that number to get cut in half.

Its very slow, like it is now,” Nez revealed. “Well just be getting the local customers and Border Patrol agents.

Nez says none of the local businesses have heard anything about getting assistance at this time.

Were just riding it out like everyone else and hopefully it will be soon they can reopen it, she shared.

Back at the wall, migrants are waiting in the desert for days to face apprehension.

There are no bathrooms, or access to food.

Humane Borders provides water, but even the migrants are saying the conditions arent what they expected.

No, I didnt think it would be like this,” Nez added. “Theres a lot of danger here, a lot of danger along the border.

There is no timeline on when the port of entry could re-open.