As more migrants cross the border in the Tucson Sector, more are street released in Nogales.

Mostly Spanish speaking families are released here, as many young kids line the street.

Here they can study. They can have opportunities we never would have had in Mexico,” Irene Cortes, a mother of two says.

Many of the migrants street released here by Border Patrol did not cross in Nogales, or even in Santa Cruz County.

Javier Gonzalez shows us his papers given to him by Border Patrol, which say he crossed in Lukeville, over 100 miles from Nogales.

Gonzalez brought his three kids and wife with him to the U.S.

“This is what I ask the most of God. I want to work and give a better life to my children. I know I can do this,” Gonzalez said.

Nogales is just the latest stop on his journey to somewhere far away.

I want to go to Alaska. Anchorage, Alaska. It is crazy, loco,” he said.

These street releases began in September.

Theres no timetable for when they will end, just like there is no timetable on when the Lukeville Port will re-open.