Downtown Tucson is set to become more colorful soon, both literally and from a culinary perspective, as Miss Saigon unveils its new location at the TEP Building on Broadway.

“You come in here, youre gonna be amazed by the colors,” said Bao Ma, one of the three brothers behind Miss Saigon, in an exclusive sneak peek with KGUN 9 News. “We put everything we got into this location Everything is a little level up from what weve done before.”

The move to the TEP Building at 88 E. Broadway Blvd., formerly occupied by Mi-An Sushi, comes with significant financial support from Rio Nuevo, the local redevelopment agency.

The agency invested more than $350,000 to help remodel the space, recognizing the cultural resonance and history of Miss Saigon.

“Our history and our background really resonated with Rio Nuevo and TEP,” Bao Ma commented. “So when we were approached with an opportunity to get into the space We figured why not? Its a no-brainer.”

The new downtown location is set to open its doors to the public on Monday, April 8. The Ma family is pulling out all the stops to make the space distinctive and memorable.

The interior boasts two large cherry trees as its centerpiece, adding to the restaurant’s unique and inviting atmosphere.

“We thought it would be a great idea to put a big cherry tree in the center of the dining space,” Bao Ma explained.

Steven Ma, Bao’s brother and co-owner of Miss Saigon, emphasized the effort they’ve put into the new location.

“We put everything we got into this location From the staffing, the menu, to the decor Everything is a little up level from what weve done before,” he said.

The move signifies growth and a new chapter for Miss Saigon. Their old downtown location, near the Ronstadt Transportation Center bus station on Sixth Avenue, closed for good in February.

“We hope that the new location isn’t just more noticeable We hope that people come away in awe,” Bao Ma added.

For those eager to sample Miss Saigon’s offerings or learn more about their Tucson locations, you can visit the Miss Saigon website here.