The Trail Dust Town is bringing a pop-up Ghost Bar to the Savoy Opera House. The reason, according to their flier:

“When the heat of the summer arrives, Tucson becomes a ghost town. We are throwing the spirits a party.”

The pop-up bar will


at the Savoy Opera House for the following dates:

Friday July 21 @ 8 PM Saturday July 22 @ 8 PM Sunday July 23 @ 7 PM

There will be live music all weekend. On Friday and Saturday, performer Mamma Coal will be playing country tunes. On Sunday, a cello quartet will play classical music.

Tickets for the event are $45, and can be found at here. Anyone planning to attend the event 21 and older must purchase a ticket.

The ticket includes entry to the Savoy Opera House, two cocktails, individual charcuterie snack, live music, and activities.