According to the Arizona State Health Department, more than five Arizonans die of an opioid overdose every day.

On Friday morning, families and friends gathered downtown to honor loved ones who have died from drug overdoses.

They’re trying to raise awareness about the rising number of drug overdose deaths, and also advocating for justice.

She was 16. Just took one pill. Its all it took,” Danya Ayers said. “And she was gone within an hour.

Ayers’ daughter Hannah Pairrett thought she was taking a Percocet pill, but it was actually fentanyl.

“She absolutely loved any animals. She was in the orchestra. I hope people watch and notice what is going on,” Ayers said.

And Ayers isnt alone, as around 50 people gathered on Congress Street, then marched through Downtown Tucson.

Jacob Guerrero died at 31.

He was using cocaine, but didnt know it was laced with fentanyl.

The people using these drugs dont know the fentanyl is in what theyre using. So theyre being deceived to death,” Theresa Guerrero, his mom said.

While difficult to relive, Guerrero says this effort is essential to prevent more death in the future.

Were trying to spread awareness, so no other parent has to go through what were going through,” She said.

The group is associated with APALD, the Association of People Against Lethal Drugs. They’re holding another rally in Nogales on Saturday.