With cars rushing by and pushing rainwater onto the sidewalks on Main Avenue in Tucson, people still walked by and rode their bicycles.

Tomas Snyder has lived near Main Avenue and First Street his whole life, about 75 years.

When I was a kid, I used to swim out there when it rained, but not anymore, Snyder said with a laugh, referring to the flooding near his house.

While his neighborhood does flood when monsoon comes in strong, he said it doesnt happen all that often.

If we get substantial rain, itll food there in the street there, but just hardly any, Snyder said.

When it does flood, he also said it can bring mosquitos and it can get pretty bad sometimes.

Like I got rain barrels there, but I try and empty them as soon as possible because mosquitos start propagating there, he said.

To help his neighborhood, he said the City of Tucson should pay attention to the drainage.

Keep the drainage system clear and keep it flowing, he said.

Monsoon was active in Tucson today, but its also going to continue being somewhat active through the end of the week. Drier air is going to return to Southern Arizona and that will also bring warmer temperatures.

On Tuesday we will see temperatures go up to 100 degrees, but on Wednesday and Thursday, the 90s will come back.

Highs will go back up, ranging from 100 to about 105 degrees to finish the week and go into the weekend, but overnight lows will stay in the 70s for the next few nights.

In Sahuarita, the rain affected the field at Wrightson Ridge Park, leaving big puddles of water.

Not too far away at a gas station, Nikolas Vladyka and his friend Shane Clark who both live in the area said certain parts of town are more prone to flooding.

If you go down the road a little, theres the Santa Cruz River. That definitely can flood. Ive seen it flowing a few times, Clark said.

They said it usually rains in Sahuarita around the same time it rains in Tucson.

So like when it comes to driving or maybe walking, it definitely could be safer probably down here compared to Tucson, Clark said.

However, they said no matter where youre at, everyone should drive as safe as possible.

If youre going to be driving on any road, go at a safe speed, but also dont go too slow or too fast because youre still going to be a danger to others, Vladyka said.