Investigative reports obtained by KGUN9 news tell us more about an attack on a Cochise County business that left one man dead and another wounded.

Cochise County investigators say a former soldier, highly trained as an infantryman, attacked an RV dealership, shot and killed one man, wounded another, got into a firefight with the owner of the dealership then led deputies on a lengthy chase.

The incident happened in November. Since then KGUN9 has requested case documents and just received them recently.

They say Bruce Hansberry, Junior came to Desert RV about 5:15 the afternoon of November 14th. Workers say they had not seen him before.

They say he brought an AR-15 style rifle, wounded a worker named Jordan Barajas, shot and killed Barajas uncle Robert Lizarraga and traded shots with dealership owner Jeffrey Rose who engaged Hansberry with a 9 millimeter handgun.

Jordan Barajas says when he first saw Hansberry the man was yelling something like, Where is the girl?

Barajas says when he said he didnt understand, he says Hansberry said, Oh, you think Im kidding? and shot him in the back and the face.

The reports say after about 15 minutes, Hansberry left. He wrecked his car after a short chase, escaped on foot and was found in a remote area not quite five hours after the incident began.

After his arrest he told deputies his infant child was alone in his apartment. Deputies say the girl had been alone for six hours, had a heavily soiled diaper and her feet and toes were purple because the apartment was so cold. Deputies learned the childs mother was in jail in Texas.

Hansberry had a psychiatric exam. Based on the results a Judge ruled Hansberry is not competent to stand trial. He will remain jailed and under treatment with the prospect that Hansberrys competence can be restored and trial can be held in a few months.