Approximately 320 Arizona State University students in Tempe are being moved to temporary housing after a fire in the building, according to officials.

University officials say a fire broke out in a storage space of the Palo Verde East residence hall Thursday morning.

No one was injured in the fire and officials say damage was minimal, but power has been shut off while crews assess the electrical system and potential water damage.

“I was actually leaving the building and going to my class. I thought it was a false alarm because we had one two days ago. So, I did not really think anything of it at first, said Freshman Alyssa Lukens.

Lukens, like a lot of her peers, was caught off guard.

“The next thing you know, I was going to go into the shower, but threw on a shirt, some pants without deodorant or anything, said Freshman Matt Kimball.

It is unclear what may have caused the fire.

ASU officials tell ABC15 the fire burned areas on the dorms first floor. But, there was also water damage in the basement and on the first and second floors.

The displaced students will be provided temporary housing at hotels, with officials telling students to prepare for potential displacement through the weekend.

Students have the opportunity to retrieve their belongings and are being provided accommodation information at Desert Financial Arena.

Getting access to a hotel, for most affected students, first required picking up some property from their dorm rooms.

“I am from New Jersey, too. So, it is really hot outside, said Freshman Kaitlyn Ruane.

Residence hall staff handed out water to students as they waited to get inside.

In addition to providing three hotels, for the more than 300 impacted students, ASU is also using shuttles to get students between the hotels and campus.