Over 3,000 students were excited about graduating from Pima Community College Wednesday night.

However, that excitement comes with uncertainty for many of these students as they prepare to enter an ever-changing job market.

The Pima Community College class of 2023 may be eager and ready to apply their years of knowledge and acquired skills, but with a job market thats been rocky in recent years, it has made some graduates like Gabriela Fragozo nervous but excited about their next chapter.

“I have hope within myself that as long as I apply myself and Im dedicated, I can get to where I want to be,” she said. “So besides those feelings, I have no worries.”

The commencement speaker for the graduation is pursuing a career in neuroscience, inspired by her passion for mental health.

Jeremiah Stroder, another graduate with that same passion, is receiving his degree in psychology.

“Ive always been a good listener, and people open up to me,” he said when asked why that career path.

He feels that despite an increase in job competition and skill requirements, college graduates have a unique advantage as they prepare to enter the job market.

“I think just the skills that you learn throughout college, especially if its something youre passionate about, [will prepare you the most],” he said. “I love psychology so much I feel like if I didnt learn this stuff, I wouldnt be as well off trying to help people on my own.”

Despite the cloudiness of an ever-changing job sector, the vice president of PCC’s downtown campus, Nina Corson, believes if anyone is ready for the challenge, its the graduating class of 2023.

“Theyve seen so much change in their lives, theyre ready for whatever comes next, and I am so proud of our graduates at Pima Community College,” she said.