Subcommittee on Federal Lands Chairman Tom Tiffany, from Wisconsin, hosted an oversight field hearing about the “border crisis” Thursday afternoon, in Sierra Vista. More than a dozen U.S. House of Representatives members attended the hearing and asked questions to witnesses from people who live in a border community.

Juan Ciscomani hosted the visit to the border, which happened before the hearing, to give his colleagues a chance to see what he sees and hears about.

These trips have made a real impact on the house side where Im sitting and weve been able to pass that legislation,” he said. “The president just needs to act. Theres no way around that. The Senate as well.

Videos and pictures of migrants crossing the border illegally and the trash they leave behind were presented from both Tiffany and the witnesses. Rancher Jim Chilton showed videos from his cameras of migrants in camouflage crossing through is property. He says migrants have caused $60,000 worth of damage to his property and crops over the years.

No one is winning in this situation except the Mexican Cartels, the drug cartels,” Ciscomani said. “That’s who needs to be held responsible for this. And this president can do his job by stopping the flow at the border and solve a lot of these issues with a stroke of a pen.

Tiffany said he saw lots of trash, fire pits and campsite during his visit to the Coronado National Forrest on Thursday. He says what he saw is a small indication of what’s happening across the border.

You cannot call yourself a true conservationist unless you are willing to take a hard look at the environmental toll illegal immigration is having on our public lands, Tiffany said.

The two representatives from Minnestoa Michelle Fischbach and Pete Stauber said they have seen border patrol agents pulled from their border communities so they can help process migrants on the southern border. Stauber told the crowd that he already is aware that on Thursday night there will be two agents on the border he represents because of the shift in personnel.

Sierra Vista Mayor Clea McCaa and Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels were two of the five witnesses. They shared the challenges Cochise County has with high speed chases and smuggling (both drugs and humans).

Washington needs to hear (us),” McCaa told KGUN. “Were going to make our voice known. Twelve congressmen came to hear us to see what were going through and I think thats a push forward.