One of the sports in Tucson set to benefit from the Mosaic Quarter sports complex development is pickleball.

According to local coach and advocate Dominick DeCarlo, Mosaic Quarter plans to open up to 72 pickleball courts at the facility, all indoors.

That would allow Tucson-area players to play all day during scorching summers.

DeCarlo says the developers have consulted with him about the project.

Theyre not an expert on every single sport and they really wanna do everything right. So theyre doing their research, he told KGUN Thursday. And they came to me said We wanna design this facility, this sports complex, correctly. So we really wanna know what the pickleball community needs and what the pickle ball community wants.

DeCarlo says the proposed indoor courts will be official pickleball courts with a concrete surface, instead of hardwood floors with different balls and badminton nets. He says that helps keep the game consistent for players.



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