In the heart of downtown Tucson, women are gathering for a unique learning experience that extends beyond the conventional classroom setting.

Led by Mia Cristerna, the Motavated Academy is empowering women in the cannabis industry, offering hands-on lessons on joint rolling alongside discussions about navigating the challenges of a male-dominated field.

Mia Cristerna, the founder of Motavated Academy, expressed her passion for teaching the class, emphasizing her comprehensive knowledge of cannabis and her comfort in educating others about the plant’s intricacies.

“Im very educated about the whole process and the science behind it To where Im very comfortable educating people, head to toe, about the plant,” Cristerna said.

Despite progress in the cannabis industry, women remain underrepresented, facing what participants describe as a “double-edged sword” due to the pervasive “grass ceiling.”

Industry data reveals that only 22% of marijuana businesses are women-owned or managed, highlighting the need for initiatives like Motavated to address this disparity.

The Motavated Academy is not just about learning to roll joints; it’s about breaking barriers and advocating for gender equality within the cannabis sector.

Cristerna and her fellow participants are determined to challenge the status quo, recognizing the unique opportunity in Tucson to lead the charge for change.

“Tucson, especially, is a very unique place In that were probably more radical than most places So even just our existence right now Likely wouldnt be happening in a larger metropolis,” Cristerna said.

As Motavated prepares for its last class this Saturday, Cristerna remains steadfast in her commitment to empowering women in the cannabis industry, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.