Mount Lemmon was bustling with crowds and cars on the day after Christmas.

Local business owners said this isn’t anything new.

Kids are out of school and people are off work, trying to get a little taste of winter for the holidays. And although it wasn’t a white Christmas in Summerhaven, it didn’t stop increased traffic in the town.

Its always been packed on Christmas, said Debbie Fagan, owner of The Living Rainbow Gift Shop. Its been bumper to bumper traffic from morning til night.

Fagan has been on Mt. Lemmon for over 40 years and says she’s had steady customer flow this holiday season, which is consistent with other years.

Theyre finally realizing what an incredible gift this mountain is, she said.

In an interview with KGUN, long-time visitor, Mary Pepper said she was lucky to find a parking spot on Tuesday.

Pepper comes to the mountain for peace and serenity, but there’s not much of that during the holidays.

I know the business really appreciate it because of the commerce that comes in, and people staying at the little (lodges),” she said. “So its keeping the community of the mountain alive.

That rings true for a Summerhaven hot spot: Mt. Lemmon General Store. The team there is ready for the crowds.

Well we usually have as much staff here as we can so we that we dont have long lines,” said co-owner of the store Teri Carpenter. “We like to get the people in and out, so they can enjoy the rest of the day on the mountain.

Pepper insists patience is key when navigating busy businesses, lodges and parking.

Realize youre one of the people taking space like everybody else.