Our Family Services has a new mural covering the entire front of the building. Local artist Danny Martin has lived in Tucson for about 20 years and paints murals all over the city.

Martin incorporates Sonoran landscapes in all of his art as well as other designs he feels reflect Tucson.

I paint a lot of landscapes, desert landscapes,” Martin said. “Always black and white, or mainly black and white. I like to incorporate skeleton characters, and I think I just reflect where I live, Tucson. Tucson’s home, and you know its a gritty, quirky, and I think lovably weird place.”

Our Family Services reached out to Martin on Instagram, asking him to complete a mural for the front of its building, and he completed it in just about a week.

I really do believe in the power of recontextualizing the space to give it personality and character, and I hope that I made maybe, hopefully, a little, any business more fun to go into work,” Martin said. “The people that use the space hopefully enjoy using it more.”

Martin is currently working on his next project in Barrio Viejo and hopes to have it completed in a week. The community can find his art all over the city, or you can come to Our Family Services, 2590 N. Alvernon Way, to see this mural.