The Arizona Department of Health Services says 191 people have died from overdoses in Pima County this year.

Tucsonans who lost loved ones due to overdoses hope the new availability of Narcan over the counter will make it so others will never have to feel their pain.

“I wish things were different. I wish he was still a part of my life and my kids’ lives,” Olivia Perez said about her brother Tyler.

He died in 1996 due to an overdose.

Since his death, she has used her experience to become an advocate for Hope Inc., helping those struggling with addiction in Tucson.

In our community, we have one every few weeks, an overdose of opioids, Perez said.

Rebecca Cather is also a local advocate for Hope. She lost her daughter Mercedes in 2018, also to an overdose.

It opened my eyes to how quickly someone can be gone from your life, and just a feeling of helplessness,” Cather said.

But there is some new help available, as Narcan is available to buy over-the-counter at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.

While its more accessible, the drug comes at a price.

Two nasal sprays cost nearly $50, but there are lots of locations around Tucson where you can pick it up for free.

One of those places is Changing Lanes Recovery started by Lenny Simons, who has been in recovery now for 11 years.

The county actually provides it to us, and we provide it to youno ID required, no questions asked. Come in any time, Simons says.

He gives away about 30 Narcan doses a month, adding even if you dont know someone who uses opioids, simply carrying it with you can give someone a second chance.

Its wonderful to have. You never know, it may save someones life,” he said.