Nestled near the Mustang Mountains is one of the newest vineyards in Cochise County: Los Milics, 423 Upper Elgin Rd. #824.

We love this area and we love the view behind us. And so we decided this is where we wanted to be, co-owner Mo Garfinkle explained.

He and his partner Pavle Milic opened Los Milics Vineyard in January. They say it’s already getting recognition for its wine-and-dine experience from customers and critics alike.

USA Today voted it No. 3 in the “10 Best New Wine Experiences in the U.S.” for 2023.

We hear people say Arizona and wine, in the same sentence, its like, you cant grow wine in Arizona. Weve all proven them wrong,” Garfinkle expressed.

The 20-acre vineyard grows the grapes and produces and bottles the unique wine on-site. It’s complete with a tasting room and full, small-plates menu Chef Ana Borrajo has curated.

Garfinkle said his love for wine started early when he was introduced to gourmet flavors from a friends father and he never looked back.

Now, the team is just a few weeks away from starting construction for nine casitas on the property.

We wanted to make it a place where people could not come and go in an hour, but they could spend a couple of days and they could enjoy Southern Arizona, he said.

They also hope to host more parties and weddings with an added event space in the future.

Assistant Winemaker Oswaldo Media said the production facility is really where the magic happens. The grapes they choose are based on which ones grow best in the Elgin climate. A fair amount of them originate in Eastern and Western Europe as well as Croatia.

Arizona heat has a very special taste than other places. Its just very, very special,” Medina said. “Mostly here, all the wineries and vineyards are all small, boutique. So, we get a lot of full expression; so, theyre really good.

Most of the grapes may not be familiar to most people,” Garfinkle added. “But were educating pallets.

Los Milics is aiming to open casita reservations at the beginning of April.