A lot of fans will be forecasting college basketball outcomes, and placing their bets. The NCAA tournament brings out more bettors than anything else in sports.With the NCAA’s going on a lot of people are thinking about basketball; and a lot of people are thinking about betting on it. The world of sports betting has changed a lot over the past couple of years with the ability to win or lose, in the phone in the palm of your hand.University of Arizona Sophomore Bryce Zinn says: “I just watch a lot of basketball. So I choose to bet on that. And it means you got to trust your gut, really trust your gut.”Craig Smith: “How do you do?”Bryce Zinn: “I’d say a little better than most people but still not that good.”Zinn says he uses a popular wagering app to place his sports bets. Often it’s a group activity—some fun for him and his friends.A lot of people are joining in.The American Gaming Association predicts one quarter of U.S. adults will place bets on the Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament.That’s 68 Million people.Here’s the predicted split:31 Million will bet online, with a sports book or a bookie.21.5 Million will place a casual bet with friendsAnd 56.3 Million will bet in a bracket contest.UA Freshman Jack Williams says he’s careful not to let his betting get out of control but he can see how that could happen.“Because when I lose a little bit of money, I immediately want to bet a little bit more to make it back or the possibility to make it back but you know, sometimes if it doesn’t work and people go on a losing streak, it could just turn out really bad.”The Arizona Department of Gaming has a program to help problem gamblers through counseling and even allowing someone to ban themselves from betting locations if they don’t have the willpower to stay away on their own.Form help with problem gambling text NEXTSTEP to 53342 or call 1-800-NEXT-STEPMax Hartgraves of the Department of Gaming says the key is responsible gambling, understanding how to bet knowledgeably and setting a budget.“So you’re not wagering more than you’re willing to lose. Two is keeping it social, you know, doing it with friends and family and making sure it’s a form of entertainment. Right? It’s not it’s not necessarily a way to make a bunch of money. It’s a form of entertainment. All gambling is right and so you should treat it as such.”